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I have a StandardAnalyzer working which retrieves words and frequencies from a single document using a TermVectorMapper which is populating a HashMap.

But if I use the following text as a field in my document, i.e.

addDoc(w, "lucene Lawton-Browne Lucene");

The word frequencies returned in the HashMap are:

browne 1 lucene 2 lawton 1

The problem is the words ‘lawton’ and ‘browne’. If this is an actual ‘double-barreled’ name, can Lucene recognise it as ‘Lawton-Browne’ where the name is actually a single word?

I’ve tried combinations of:

addDoc(w, "lucene \”Lawton-Browne\” Lucene");

And single quotes but without success.


Mr Morgan.

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If you still want to be able to use a stop words list, I suggest you try the PatternAnalyzer. It allows for such a list and has a prefilled whitespace pattern.

Or you wrap the whitespace analyzer and do something like this in the tokenStream(String fieldName, Reader reader) you do something like this:

public TokenStream tokenStream(String fieldName, Reader reader) {
  TokenStream stream = myWhitespaceAnalyzer.tokenStream(fieldName, Reader);
  stream = new StopFilter(stream, stopWords);
  return stream;
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Escape the characters

see Lucene Documentation here

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This might work in queryparsersyntax where the character is escaped but in my example, using addDoc(w, "lucene Lawton\\-Browne Lucene"); the output remains unchanged. I've tried a WhitespaceAnalyzer which gives me the name as one word but this doesn't count duplicates of the same word as one word. – Mr Morgan Oct 24 '10 at 21:14
I believe a WhitespaceAnalyzer should work fine. Can you please post some more code around the addDoc in order to clarify this? – Yuval F Oct 25 '10 at 9:33
A WhiteSpaceAnalyzer seems to give me what I want if I set all the tokens to lower case before the call to the analyser itself. But this type doesn't allow stop words which is a bit of a bind. – Mr Morgan Oct 25 '10 at 21:39

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