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I'm trying to open a PDF file from Vim using the commands

let openpdfname = "!open " . expand("%:t:r") . ".pdf"
map <F6> :silent execute openpdfname<CR> | redraw!

The PDF opens up in Preview and all is well, except that the Vim screen is not repainted. I use vim 7.2.108 (shipped standard with OSX 10.6) from the terminal window. I tried removing my ~/.vimrc entirely to try and determine the cause, with no luck.

Hitting Ctrl-L repaints the screen, but I thought 'redraw!' would have the same effect!?

Thanks for any hints!

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Move <CR> to the end of mapping. You are trying to execute redraw after you exited command mode. Of course, it does not work.

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Thanks, but simply moving <CR> to the end causes Vim to complain that there are "trailing characters". Sorry for not being fluent in Vim mapping syntax. – Dominique Oct 25 '10 at 1:05
@Dominique Yes, I forgot that you need to escape | in a map. Correct syntax is noremap <F6> :silent execute openpdfname \| redraw!<CR>: without backslash it is similar to two commands: map and redraw, while you need a single map. When you move <CR> to the end it complains about trailing characters to redraw! which does not take any arguments.. – ZyX Oct 25 '10 at 11:31

The correct syntax that does what I expect is:

map <F6> :silent execute openpdfname<CR>:redraw!<CR>
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Try this:

map <silent> <F6> :silent execute openpdfname<CR>
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