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The locale switching on my site is behaving strangely. I decided to go with a scoped route for switching locales:

scope ":locale" do
  devise_for :accounts

  resources :eventos

  root :to => "eventos#index"

  match '/sign_in' => "Devise::Sessions#new", :as => :sign_in, :constraints => { :method => "get" }
  match 'sign_in' => "Devise::Sessions#create", :constraints => { :method => "post"}
  match 'sign_out' => "Devise::Sessions#destroy", :as => :sign_out, :constraints => { :method => "post"}

  match 'about' => "about#index"

match '/', :to => redirect("/br/eventos")

For some reason just beyond my understanding the urls:




all kill my ajax while




all work fine.

Can someone tell me why that is happening?

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If you add your complete routes.rb, I'm betting the answer will be there. Remember that your routing file does NOT pick the best or most specific route from the list. The routing engine starts top to bottom, and grabs the first matching route it finds, even if there is a better match below. –  Jaime Bellmyer Oct 25 '10 at 1:26
Well, there isn't much more in the whole routes file but here you go... Thanks for looking! –  Mike Williamson Oct 26 '10 at 19:12

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