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I need to replace certain user-entered URLs with embedded flash objects...and I'm having trouble with a regex that I'm using to match the url...I think mainly because the URLs are SEO-friendly and therefore a bit more difficult to parse

URL structure: http://www.site.com/item/item_title_that_can_include_1('_etc-32CHARACTERALPHANUMERICGUID

I need to both detect a match of an URL in that format and capture the 32CHARACTERALPHANUMERICGUID which is always placed after the - in the url

something like this:

$ret = preg_replace('#http://www\.site\.com/item/([^-])-([a-zA-Z0-9]+)#','<embed>itemid=$2</embed>', $ret);

For some reason, the above does not find a match for an URL in the specified format. I'm new to regexes, so I think I'm missing something fairly obvious.

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You should check out parse_url().

Examine the results - it was made for parsing URLs. You'll be able to extract the data you require from the tokens returned.

If you are regex crazy, try this...


Your example is almost there, but...

  • When you do the not character range, i.e. [^-], you still need a quantifier. I placed *, or 0 or more.
  • You don't seem to use the item title, so we won't bother capturing it.
  • You should use beginning (^) and end ($) anchors if the string is always exactly like that.
  • You say the GUID is 32 chars, so we may as well explicitly state that with the {32} quantifier.
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alex, you are the man. this worked perfectly. thanks a bunch for the help. –  byron Oct 25 '10 at 2:07

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