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Possible Duplicates:
Disable browser's back button
How do I disable the F5 refresh on the browser?


I created an application in C# that will download data from the internet (and this is done one time only) and put it in a webbrowser and this data should be static. I want to know if there is a way to disable the F5 key from doing a refresh?

I tried injecting javascript to disable F5 but it will still refresh the webbrowser.

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marked as duplicate by mauris, abelenky, Mitch Wheat, Josh Lee, dmckee Oct 25 '10 at 2:52

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

also there are many similar questions: – mauris Oct 25 '10 at 2:11
I can't cast a vote to reopen, but I would if I could. This question is asking about disabling F5 in a WebBrowser control, which the 'possible duplicates' do not address. – josh3736 Oct 25 '10 at 16:02
I don't really know why this is a duplicate entry. This is using WebBrowser control on a Windows Form. – jantox Oct 26 '10 at 7:25
Voted to re-open, it's unique from the other questions for the reasons stated by the two commenters above. – Andrew Barrett Nov 28 '11 at 17:45
I'd vote for a reopen if I could as well. The duplicates listed aren't at all related to WebBrowserControl... Did anyone ever figure out a solution that would allow for CTRL+C to still work? – blak3r Sep 19 '12 at 23:35
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You cannot disable F5 (or other browser shortcut keys) via JavaScript.

Setting the WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled property of the WebBrowser control to false should accomplish what you're trying to do.

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This works! Thanks! – jantox Oct 25 '10 at 2:24
Got a problem. It disables keyboard shortcuts but also disables links that will open IE. – jantox Oct 25 '10 at 8:48
Handle the WebBrowser.Navigating event: private void WebBrowserNavigating(object sender, WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs e) { if (e.Url.ToString() != "about:blank") { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(e.Url.ToString()); e.Cancel=true; } } – josh3736 Oct 25 '10 at 16:09
Quick warning, this disables all shortcut keys, so no Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V etc... – Andrew Barrett Nov 28 '11 at 17:46
As mentioned by a few people setting WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled to false will indeed stop ALL shortcuts from working, which is far from ideal. Btw, the link provided by rastating doesn't work! – Sheldmandu Sep 1 '14 at 7:28

call this function on the onKeyDown event

 document.onkeydown = function(e) {
      // keycode for F5 function
      if (e.keyCode === 116) {
        return false;
      // keycode for backspace
      if (e.keyCode === 8) {
        // try to cancel the backspace
        return false;

This will prevent from F5 reload and backspace back.

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This does not work. – josh3736 Oct 25 '10 at 2:22
it should work now... – Azhar Oct 25 '10 at 2:47
this doesn't work. I tried this by injecting in webbrowser. On normal html this will work. – jantox Oct 26 '10 at 8:32
@Azhar where did you add the onkeydown event. It's not exposed by WebBrowser or WebBrowser.Document. I tried it on the parent form and it isn't invoked on keypresses. – blak3r Sep 19 '12 at 23:37

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