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I have a UITableView which I need to update about 2-3 times a second via NSTimer. The cells in this table have UIButtons which respond to touchupinside. The problem is that this created extreme sensitivity. I could not press the button for too long otherwise it wouldn't register.

That issue was solved in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3929140/uibutton-oversensitive

How can I solve the problem of regularly updating the table, while at the same time keeping the buttons responding naturally?

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Update only the visible UITableViewCells instead of calling reloadData on the table. reloadData recreates the table cells each time it is called resulting in your touch events getting "lost" because they would go to the old deallocated table cells.

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Instead of reloading the contents in tableview, try to reload them in a table cell. Subclass the cell and reload the necessary data in a cell. By doing like this, your button will not be created again and again. Only the data will be refreshed.

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