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Eclipse, by default, hides files that begin with . in the Package Explorer, Navigator, and other file views (e.g. .classpath, .settings, etc). Is it possible to hide files which end in ~ (e.g. somefile.txt~).

Yes, these are Emacs backup files, created while using both Eclipse and Emacs on the same project.

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In the package explorer toolbar, there should be an icon that makes a dropdown menu appear; in that menu, select "Filters…".

Edit: see this link for an example of the icon, denoted the 'Menu button'

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Things have changed, apparently in the Mars release. The dropdown menu has a customize view option, and a filters tab in there. However, the filters list doesn't seem to include a 'emacs backup files' option, nor do I know how to add such a filter. – ticktock Mar 9 at 18:43

use backup-directory-alist in your emacs config to stash away the emacs backups in a different directory

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In the end I went with the Eclipse setting, but I find this a useful suggestion - I just happen to like where the backups are, but don't want to see them. – Chadwick Oct 27 '10 at 23:22

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