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I developed apps with google map.I got map key i got google map in my application two days before .I did nt change anything but now i did not get the google map only show boxes .The logcat show couldn't get connection factory client error.I searched this error but i can't get clear ans as well as map .So plz anyone help me to solve this problem.

Thanks , Lakshmanan

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I've had that error appearing as well, so please check the following :

  • Your API Key has been correctly generated (sadly, no tool to check for that) (see this tutorial)
  • You have a INTERNET permission in your manifest, within the <manifest> tag
  • You have a uses-library within the <application> tag
  • You start the emulator with a Google Maps API Target
  • You have internet (3G display) within the emulator

Just a small checklist, hope this helps !

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