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How i can compare type data type in VB.NET? My code:

Private Function Equal(ByVal parameter As String, ByVal paramenterName As String, ByVal dataType As Type) As String

    If dataType = String Then
        return 1;
    End If

 End Function

Any ideas?

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If dataType = GetType(String) Then
    return 1;
End If
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I got a compile error when trying this in VS 2013 Express - the below suggestion to use "type Is GetType()" worked for me, though. – Daniel Neel Jan 28 at 20:58
Hi Darin, your solution appears to no longer be valid in VB.NET. As the accepted answer, can you please update it, so that it remains valid? – Sheridan Oct 27 at 11:10
If datatype Is GetType(String) Then
    'do something
End If

Substitute Is for = and everything works

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