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I have a large base of maven 1 artifacts with their source jars named as app-0.0.1-src.jar. This repository is converted with nexus to a maven 2 view. Unfortunately the m2 convention on source jars is "...-sources.jar", so none of our m1 artifacts has sources.

Is there any way in nexus or otherwise to make maven 2 (esp. m2eclipse) download the sources with the old classifier ? I did try something like this without success:

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I guess if you are dealing with legacy apps and there won't be any new jars, a sufficient solution would be to write a shell script that loops over the repository and for every xyz-0.0.1-src.jar create a symbolic link at xyz-0.0.1-sources.jar.

Another solution would be to create a rewrite rule in your app server that redirects all requests from *-sources.* to *-src.* within your mvn 1 repository directory.

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Unfortuately the artifacts are still moving targets, we are in the process in migrating 50+ projects from maven 1 to 2/3, but the rewrite idea might work. Unfortunately for this i might need an apache frontend for nexus or put some servlet filter into the nexus war, which looks like an ugly hack .. –  mglauche Oct 26 '10 at 7:38

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