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I have CAS 3.4.3 in my pom. From Jasig CAS zip I included all configuration including login-webflow.xml

The same configuration was working for me when I built my application with CAS source. Currently I get an exception:

org.springframework.expression.spel.SpelParseException: EL1041E:(pos 33): After parsing a valid expression, there is still more data in the expression: 'neq'
    at org.springframework.expression.spel.standard.InternalSpelExpressionParser.doParseExpression(

Has anyone encountered this kind of error? It happens when InternalSpelExpressionParser is evaluating flowScope.ticketGrantingTicketId neq null

is this sample login-webflow.xml even correct? I have looked through several references and haven't found anything on expression 'neq'...

My login-webflow.xml is exactly the same as found here

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Oh its sad to be stupid. Spent a lot of time thinking it was a dependency issue but actually cas 3.4.3 has different cas-servlet.xml that contains following:

<bean id="expressionParser" class="org.springframework.webflow.expression.WebFlowOgnlExpressionParser" />
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