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How to get current system date in Smartgwt application (Merely javascript). I need date to be printed as 25 October 2010 something like this. Currently i am using the following code:

String currentDate ;
java.util.Date date = new Date();
String tempDate = date.toString();
String[] currDate = tempDate.split(" ");
currentDate = currDate[2] + " " + currDate[1] + " "
        + currDate[currDate.length - 1];

But i guess this will not work if the locale of the system/server changes. Can you suggest me any method to get date ?

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You should be careful with this. What do you want to accomplish with this Date ? You might want to get it from the Server or simply calculate the Date on the Server when the user submits a request. If not you may have wildly different date times based on each of the users clock. – Romain Hippeau Oct 25 '10 at 11:19
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You can call Javascript method using JSNI:

public native String getLocaleDateString() /*-{
    return new Date().toLocaleDateString();

GWT 2.1 will introduce the new JsDate class:

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In SmartGWT, there is a DateUtil class that does exactly what you need; see

You can find an usage example on the SmartGWT forums here:

Hope this helps.

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in smart gwt u can use java classes.

this date will be on client side date .

This will work.....

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