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Is it possible to use pastebin (may be via their "API" functionality) inside bash shell scripts? In detail i mean: how do i send http-post? And how do i get back the url?

Thanks ahead

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FYI, pastebin.com is full of ads for anyone not using an appropriate browser plugin. Please consider using a different pastebin. ix.io, f'rinstance, both (1) does not show ads, and (2) includes instructions for posting to it from major shells right on the homepage. –  Charles Duffy Jun 9 at 23:08

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The documentation says that you need to submit a POST request to


and the only mandatory parameter is paste_code, of type string is the paste that you want to make.

On success a new pastebin URL will be returned.

You can easily do this from your bash shell using the command curl.

curl uses the -d option to send the POST data to the specified URL.


This demo will create a new paste with the code:

printf("Hello..I am Codaddict");

From your shell:

$ curl -d 'paste_code=printf("Hello..I am Codaddict");' 'http://pastebin.com/api_public.php'

Now if you see the URL http://pastebin.com/598VLDZp, you'll see my paste :)

Alternatively you can do it using the wget command which uses the option --post-data to sent POST values.

I've tried this command it works fine:

wget --post-data 'paste_code=printf("Hello..I am Codaddict");' 'http://pastebin.com/api_public.php'
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This has now been disabled, there is a new Pastebin api –  jayunit100 May 16 '13 at 3:06

Put the following in your .bashrc:

sprunge() {
  if [[ $1 ]]; then
    curl -F 'sprunge=<-' "http://sprunge.us" <"$1"
    curl -F 'sprunge=<-' "http://sprunge.us"

...and then you can run:

sprunge filename # post file to sprunge


some_command | sprunge # pipe output to sprunge
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I'm not sure but I think this question belongs to superuser. Anyway...

You could use wget to send POST data (via the --post-data or --post-file option). See the man page for more information.

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As pastebin.com closed their public api, I was looking for alternatives.

Sprunge (http://github.com/rupa/sprunge) is great. Usage:

<command> | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us

or, as I use it:

alias paste="curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us"
<command> | paste
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+1, with the caveat that it'd be better to provide a function than an alias -- functions can reorder arguments, do logic, be used in noninteractive shells, etc. –  Charles Duffy Jun 9 at 23:09

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