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I'll start of by saying I'm not a developer. Yes this is a c# nightmare. But this is a one time tool and thats it. Quick and Dirty it just needs to work and thats it.

I have the following code:

        public string[] get_status(string local_fname)
        var dts_doc = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument();

        //Pull the values
        var ViewState = dts_doc.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("/html[1]/body[1]/div[1]/input[4]/@value[1]");
        var EventValidation = dts_doc.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("/html[1]/body[1]/div[2]/input[1]/@value[1]");

        string ViewState2 = ViewState.Attributes[3].Value;
        string EventValidation2 = EventValidation.Attributes[3].Value;

        //Display the values

        return new string[] { ViewState2, EventValidation2 };

I want to call get_status from a button on my Main.cs which will show 2 Message Boxes with ViewState2 and EventValidation2.

Again, I'm not a developer, this is probably the wrong way of doing things. But I just need a quick and dirty solution to get this job done once.

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Make the function static by adding the static keyword to the function definition:

static public string[] get_status(string local_fname)

Use the class name to reference the function from your Main class.

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Thank you for the answer. Quick, dirty, and exactly what I needed. Thank you! – shaiss Oct 25 '10 at 12:19

try this:

foreach(string s in get_status(localFname))

As you said, it is quick and dirty and I stayed faithful to that paradigm.

And yes, if you need to acces another class, make the method static or just simply create an instance and call the method on it. I hope I have understood the problem correctly.

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Thank you for the foreach statement. That helped me out with that part – shaiss Oct 25 '10 at 12:19

if you are using visual studio, go to the Button you want to click, double-click the button. This will create an eventhandler. In the eventhandler you should call the above method.

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, eventArgs e)
   string local_fname = someValue;
   string results[] = get_status(local_fname);
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