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I'm not sure how to phrase my question....

From different sources I pick up the idea that it makes sense to build web applications around a REST interface. A REST service could execute some controller logic (validations, database-access, etc) and then return a (static) *.xhtml resource. Combined with a decent javascript framework, this html page could complete itself by issuing the approriate AJAX calls.

Intuitively I see value in this (it feels more lightweight than a server-side document model like in JSF), but I also feel like I'm missing the complete picture here. What 'they' are referring to, is that simply Struts or Spring MVC with a REST sauce?

Do you see what I mean? Can somebody put these idea's in perspective? Point to a resource that explains the approach I'm trying to grasp? What are the roots?

Thank you for helping me to clarify all this! J.

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Names coined in this context are SOFEA and SOUI.

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