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i have the following code that works fine to put an image in the bottom left of the page (in portrait mode). once i change the page to landscape mode, the image goes off the screen.

how would i lay this out in landscape mode so it shows up on the bottom left of the screen. here is the code:

   Section section = document.AddSection();

  Image image2 = section.AddImage("../../back.png");
  image2.RelativeHorizontal = RelativeHorizontal.Page;
  image2.RelativeVertical = RelativeVertical.Page;
  image2.Left = ShapePosition.Left;
    image2.Top = ShapePosition.Bottom;
  image2.WrapFormat.Style = WrapStyle.Through;

if i change:

    image2.Top = ShapePosition.Bottom;


    image2.Top = ShapePosition.Top;

it shows up fine on the top left, but doesn't work on the bottom left. I can work around this by having

image2.Top = 550

but i would have thought ShapePosition.Bottom would work in landscape mode.

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Sounds like a bug.

I've put it on our error list, but I don't have time now to investigate it.

Good for you that you found a workaround.

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