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How can I put the ContextMenu in a resource xaml file and bind it's commands to my current window's commands ?

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Command="{Binding SomeCommand}"

It will use your current controls DataContext which should hold a command property "SomeCommand"


<ResourceDictionary xmlns="" 
    <ContextMenu x:Key="SomeContextMenu">
        <MenuItem Header="Test Item" Command="{Binding TestCommand}" />

And in my ViewModel I would have the following property

    public ICommand TestCommand { get; set; }

And in my View.xaml

<Button ContextMenu="{StaticResource SomeContextMenu}">Test Button</Button>

Therefore the buttons DataContext is my ViewModel, therefore the SomeContextMenu which is in a ResourceDictionary in a external file binds to the same DataContext as the button, and therefore finds the SomeCommand within the ViewModel.

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