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I want to develop an online photo editing tool having features such as re-sizing, blurring, red eye etc. Can any body tell me how should I proceed? in Particular which technology should be used etc.

Thanks in advance

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Well you could either go for a pure javascript client with service side processing for the actual changes to the image.

If so you can use http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php on the server.

Or you use Java/Flash/Silverlight to build one that operates completely in the browser but there I have no recommendations for library.

Unless you have VERY good knowlege in image processing its no use trying to code your own processing code, use some existing library.

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yes i have developed such image editing control in jquery json using asp.net webmethod, user can edit and write text on image, any number of text , change its color , font , other features,

actually this is online photo text editor.

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If you are also looking at SaaS or cloud-based solutions, you may consider using APIs such as Cloudinary or Blitline. You can integrate them with your editor for various image processing tasks. They differ in price and variety of features, but depending on your needs they might provide you with some common image processing features and let you focus on developing the editor itself.

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