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I have a worksheet which contains some financial data to be transferred to accounting system.

Can say I know some things about programming, but Excel macros are little too much for me, so please suggest some (even partial) solutions to my problem. Thanks!

Master workbook columns are:

  • Name
  • Account
  • Date
  • Followup
  • Amount
  • Checked
  • Transferred

Rows that I need to transfer have Checked="Yes" and Transferred=""

Output worksheet must have two rows for each row of master sheet(since credit and debet must be separated). Output columns must be:

  • Date
  • Account
  • "8888"
  • Followup
  • Debet(=Amount)
  • Credit(=empty)

After that Transferred column of master sheet needs to be set to "Pending", and SaveAs dialog is prompted for new workbook(possibly with some default name and path).

Thanks again!

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