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This question may sound kinda weird but actually, I need to convince my mangement of the stability of the newest SharePoint 2010 Platform.

What I would like to know is:

  • Is there anyone using SharePoint 2010 in a production environment
  • Which kind of use of SharePoint environment (documents database, intranet, ...)
  • How many users
  • Your degree of hapiness (user experiences, bugs, problems with the environment)

Your answer will help me to convince my management to switch to MOSS 2010 instead of 2007.


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We have lots of working SharePoint 2010 environments at customers! Live and working in production environment. And I have yet to meet a customer that is unsatisfied with the "newer" version. We have ported 2007 -> 2010. And its mostly Intranets on our part...

We have between 30-150 users.

The easiest way for us to convince the customer is to show some Reference cases. And together with some good sales people ofc! ;)

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yes definitely sharepoint 2010 is stable enough for Production environment.

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