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I'm making some things with jQuery ajax function, and I have a problem when I put a form in the middle of the html.
In a nutshell: I have a dummy form that is controlled by the ajax, when it is submitted the ajax function complets the inputs below. The data submited by the ajax is contained in a form tag that is submitted when a button outside the form is clicked. I made that because I need to send the same data in 2 different ways.
The code:

<input type="button" value="Exportar a Excel" id="xlsexport">
<form action="#" method="post" name="formxls" id="formxls">
    <div class="row">
        <input type="hidden" id="xls" name="xls" value="">
        <div class="item"><span class="negro">Nombre:</span></div>
        <div class="field"><input class="input" id="nombreProv" type="text" /></div>
        <div class="item"><span class="negro">CUIT:</span></div>
        <div class="field"><input class="input" id="cuitProv" type="text" /></div>
        <div class="field"><input type="image" id="btnEnviar" value="Enviar Prov." src="images/botones/mini_send.png" style="margin-top: -1px; margin-left: 8px;" ></div>
... Some inputs below ...


   $('#formxls').keypress(function(e){ // it prevents the form will send by pressing enter 
      if(e == 13){
         return false;
      if($('#xls').val() == 'true') $('#xls').val('');
          // ajax request code

The problem is:
When I submit the form through the buttom "xlsexport", everything is fine, but then, when I submit the form through the ajax buttom ("btnEnviar"), it does what its supposed to do and then it sends the form, so I lose all the data the ajax loads.
How can I solve it? There are other ways to do this? This is a none sense behavior (at least for me), because I dont have other submit than the one in xlsexport click event.

I hope I made myself clear and you can help me out with this.

Thanks a lot!

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It probably needs the name attribute in the other input fields (only the hidden input has one).

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What I need to do is to avoid sending the form after the ajax is executed. Is there any way this can be accomplished? –  adiego73 Oct 25 '10 at 17:59
Try adding event.preventDefault(); as the last line of the button code, after the ajax code. –  cambraca Oct 26 '10 at 0:28
No, it doesn't work. :'( I do this: $.ajax({ .... }); event.preventDefault(); –  adiego73 Nov 1 '10 at 15:02
I made it! My mistake was never to define the event param in the click function. So I did this: $('input#btnEnviar').click(function(e){ $.ajax({...}); e.preventDefault(); Thanks a lot! –  adiego73 Nov 12 '10 at 14:29

You could define an onSubmit function and check the value of the button clicked, and return false if it is "btnEnviar". Buena suerte.

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I made a function that always returns false and I put it in the form onsubmit event. After the ajax loads the data, the cursor enters the onsubmit function I made, but the form sends the info. Con esto, la buena suerte no esta de mi lado :( –  adiego73 Nov 1 '10 at 15:58

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