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While developing I've seen a couple different ways to get local resources values from the resx files. Which one is considered the best practice?

Using the GetGlobalResourceObject method:

<a id="myLink" href="#"><%= GetGlobalResourceObject("Filter","Diary")%></a>

Or using a control and setting the value directly in the resx:

Any better ways I should know? Thanks for your help!

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For middle and big projects, the best way is to implement Your own Resources Manager. For me .NET default resources manager sux, but it's my personal opinion. – Simon Oct 29 '10 at 6:16
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Basically the names tell everything: Global Resources and Local Resources.

If you need the same resource to be used in different places (pages, controls, back-end, etc.) use Global Resources. Local resources are tight to pages and user controls. You should be creating one local source file for each page (aspx) and user controls (ascx).

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