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I am writing unit tests (AndroidTestCase). The application under test uses some background services to communicate over the web the get information.

To receive notification of events I am interested in, (like when content has been delivered etc), I register a listener that exposes various methods. In these listener interface methods, I assert certain things to help me validate i am getting appropriate responses.

My problem is that the test methods are finishing prior to the callback occurring and I do not know how to tell the method to "wait" for the callback to happen.

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You should use AsyncTask for all background thread work... it makes life oh-so-much easier.

Then in your onPostExecute() implementation, which will run on the UI thread once the worker thread is completed, you can run your test methods.

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Thanks Rueben, I'll look into it and get back... – Stiley Oct 25 '10 at 19:45

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