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I want to create a visualization where I see friends being added as time passes but I don't think the Facebook API tells me since how long I am friends with someone.

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Why wonder if the Facebook API will tell you that? Either it does or it doesn't, and you can presumably check. – David Thornley Oct 25 '10 at 19:12
I wonder because: 1) It might be some hidden/undocumented API feature or some known API feature that I am unaware of 2) OR there might be a page on Facebook that I can parse manually from my own profile - Facebook has tons of utility pages that are hard to find from just the homepage. – pathikrit Oct 26 '10 at 20:36

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You can subscribe to Real-time Updates for friends, so facebook should notify your app when new friend is added (in theory, haven't tried it myself :) ).

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You can get your most recent connections using


You can also manually look at the relationship you have with certain users at

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