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I'm using the follow mdx to keep a running total of the Period Balance measure in my cube:

SUM({[Due Date].[Date].CurrentMember.Level.Item(0):[Due Date].[Date].CurrentMember}, [Measures].[Period Balance])

It works great, however it's really slow as the amount of data displayed increases. I can't use a MTD or YTD because the users may be analyzing data that overlaps years. Any way I can speed this up?

Thanks in advance.

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I take it you've seen this?

Failing that, there is another sample which uses the technique of taking the parent's prior totals and the parent's current child from first sibling to current - So you'd sum the prior months and then this month's days - That'll only work if you have a date hierarchy though:

I think the pictures there explain it better, its the "Summing Increments" section.

Are you query-logging and doing usage-based aggregations?

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This sped up tremendously in SASS 2008, thanks. – AS2012 Jan 12 '11 at 22:10

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