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Is there any place where I can find JQuery video tutorials from novice level to master level? The books I saw mostly assume you are very familiar with CSS syntax. If there is any video tutorial resource for CSS, that would be awesome too.

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I found the following links:

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most videos I saw assumed you knew CSS well..i dont :( – Perpetualcoder Dec 31 '08 at 5:57

From very popular Jeffrey Way on Nettuts+ a free jquery video 30 day tutorials:

And here is for CSS (also video and free):

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I found nice series of jQuery tutorials at one place...


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Nettuts offer 30 days lesson of jQuery

The new boston have upload 200 video to learn jQuery :

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I already posted the nettuts link, though thank for the youtube one. – Nikola Mar 23 '12 at 15:07

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