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Perhaps I'm doing something stupid here, but why would IE6 die here? All other browsers have no issue with this code, but IE6 is choking:

 jQuery( function( $ ) {
     target: '#form_quotes_highlights_part',
     beforeSerialize: function(form, options) {
      if (somefunc()) {
        if ( $tabChanged ) {
          jQuery('form[name=myform] input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', 'disabled').attr("value", "Wait..");
          return true;
        else {
          return false;
      return false;
    /* more code */

It happens to die directly after .attr call, not sure why. Only on IE6. Anything obvious missing here? IE6 is giving me the infamous: Error: Object expected.

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Try using $().val() rather than attr('value'):

jQuery('form[name=myform] input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', 'disabled').val("Wait..");
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