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I've tried to get an mp3 file played with Audio Toolbox and Audio Queues, but whatever I try, I don't get anything played (neither in the simulator nor on the device). When I run it in the simulator it tells me:

"Prime failed (-66674); will stop (0/0 frames)",

so I think there is a basic mistake somewhere, maybe in the AudioEnqueueBuffer function, because there seems to be nothing in the queue afterwards. When I ask for the status, I always get 0 back.

I'm sorry that I have posted so much code, but I'm just not sure where the mistake is.

Please help me.

- (void)startPlayback{

 NSString *fileString = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"musik" ofType:@"mp3"];

 const char *filePathAsCString = [fileString UTF8String];

 CFURLRef fileURL = CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation(NULL, (UInt8*)filePathAsCString, strlen(filePathAsCString), false);

    playState.currentPacket = 0;

    playState.dataFormat->mSampleRate = kAudioStreamAnyRate;
    playState.dataFormat->mFormatID = kAudioFormatMPEGLayer3;
    playState.dataFormat->mFramesPerPacket = 0;
    playState.dataFormat->mChannelsPerFrame = 2;
    playState.dataFormat->mBytesPerFrame = 0;
    playState.dataFormat->mBytesPerPacket = 0;
    playState.dataFormat->mBitsPerChannel = 0;
    playState.dataFormat->mReserved = 0;
    playState.dataFormat->mFormatFlags = 0;;

    OSStatus status;

    status = AudioFileOpenURL(fileURL, kAudioFileReadPermission, kAudioFileMP3Type, &playState.audioFile);

    if(status == 0)
        status = AudioQueueNewOutput(

        if(status == 0)
            playState.playing = true;
            for(int i = 0; i < 3 && playState.playing; i++)
                    AudioQueueAllocateBufferWithPacketDescriptions(playState.queue, 64000, sizeof(AudioStreamPacketDescription)*75, &playState.buffers[i]);
                    MyAudioOutputCallback(&playState, playState.queue, playState.buffers[i]);

                status = AudioQueueStart(playState.queue, NULL);
                if(status == 0)

    if(status != 0)
        NSLog(@"Play failed");

And here the Callback function:

void MyAudioOutputCallback( void *inUserData,
       AudioQueueRef outAQ,
       AudioQueueBufferRef outBuffer)
    PlayState *playState= (PlayState *)inUserData;

    UInt32 bytesRead;
    UInt32 numPackets = 75;

    OSStatus status;
    status = AudioFileReadPackets(playState->audioFile, false, &bytesRead, outBuffer->mPacketDescriptions, playState->currentPacket, &numPackets, outBuffer->mAudioData);

        outBuffer->mAudioDataByteSize = bytesRead;
  outBuffer->mPacketDescriptionCount = numPackets;
        status = AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer(

  NSLog(@"EnqueueStatus: %d", status);
        playState->currentPacket += numPackets;


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Oh yeah, that was 2010, the horrible days when you had to buffer samples yourself just to play a freaking audio file... Nowadays, if all you want to do is play an audio file, AVAudioPlayer is your friend.

NSError *error = nil;
AVAudioPlayer *myMP3File = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:
                            [NSURL fileURLWithPath:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/MyFile.mp3", 
                            [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath]]] error:&error];
[myMP3File play];
if(error != nil) NSLog(@"Error mp3 file: %@",error); 

Here's a decent tutorial for AVAudioPlayer.

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Try this:

First import this framework to your file AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h

Then declare an instance of AVAudioPlayer. AVAudioPlayer *audioPlayer;

NSString *soundFilePath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Name of your audio file" 
                                                      ofType:@"type of your audio file example: mp3"];

NSURL *soundFileURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:soundFilePath];

audioPlayer = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:soundFileURL error:nil];

audioPlayer.numberOfLoops = -1;

[audioPlayer play];
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