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Hey, So i am working on a Core Data app and I have an NSTableView linked with the Core Data. The table has three columns. Name, Position, Salary. I also set up a double click action. now what I need is that when I double click on a row i get the three values of that row. I can do the following:

NSArray* myArray = [arrayController selectedObjects];
NSLog(@"%@", [myArray objectAtIndex:0]);

But the output I get there is:

 (entity: Employees; id: 0x617890  ; data: {
    Name = "Joe";
    Position = "Manager";
    Salary = "1";

Is there a way to get those seperated?


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I figured it out.

NSArray* selectedObjects = [arrayController selectedObjects];
NSLog(@"%@", [selectedObjects objectAtIndex:0]);

NSEntityDescription *entity = [selectedObjects objectAtIndex:0];
NSLog(@"%@", [entity valueForKey:@"Name"]);
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or: NSArray *selectedObjects = [arrayController selectedObjects]; NSLog(@"%@", [[selectedObjects objectAtIndex:0] Name]); That is if you are sure that the entity has the property "Name". –  Ibolit Mar 28 '11 at 20:39

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