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I have a media player written using Codeplex Silverlight Media Framework and it works fine over HTTP.

However when I switch from http to https it will not work... MMS, ISML or ISM streams.

Now I have read about the cross scheme problems but I still am a little unclear if this can be made to work or not... Yah see, the site is completely SSL (https) and the media server is on the same box... I have a couple of questions that I would be oh so grateful to get answered.

  1. Can I get media to play over https using silverlight period? That is I don't care what lengths I have to go to at this point as I just want it to work... is it able to be done?
  2. If yes, this can be accomplished in .NET 4 then does anyone have any pointers on how I get this to work... The entire site is SSL so I am kind of at a loss as to why I cannot get this animal to work....

I have been researching this to death from the SMF perspective and finally arrived here... thanks darthobiwan...

If anyone who has some insight into this could drop a line I would greatly appreciate it...

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