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I'm working on a c# wpf app in which I want to do something with audio. the irrklang audio library provides me with a pcm decoded 16 bit byte array.

I want to create a timeline control which shows the waveform along the timeline with an overlaying rectangle which the user can drag and click/drag the left and right side to increase or decrease the selection.

It is used to the trim the audio track. I would like the selected min and max to be databindable, the minimum and maximum value of the total track to be bindable.

To clarify here is an image mockup:

alt text

I'm not asking for a complete control but tips and suggestions on how to tackle this are more than welcome. Perhaps solutions like this already exist but so far I haven't been able to find it.

I think I need to tackle: the control (zooming, panning and changing the selection) and drawing the waveform in the control

Thanks in advance,

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Refer to Audio WaveForm Drawing Using WPF.

Something based upon WaveFileTrimmerControl.xaml would be useful, it uses related controls PolygonWaveFormControl.xaml & RangeSelectionControl.xaml (links are to the XAML but refer to the CS also). In any case it'd be a good starting point for building a control that exactly meets what you want.

You could override the render method and use primitives which will give possibly better performance; but like anything related to performance I'd try the above approach first which is almost certainly good enough.

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I think you should check out this codeplex project

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