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This has been asked many times, i'm sure, but i was curious if it's possible to upload a PDF to some site, keep it private, and get back HTML/CSS? Or, is there a way with ColdFusion to do this? It needs to be damn near the same as the PDF. I heard through a developer at a hackathon there was a PDF converter that uses the Webkit engine, but i wasn't sure where to find that or how it worked.

Thanks in advance (and no, i have to use coldfusion)!

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CF can do PDF -> image via the thumbnail function, but not to HTML/CSS. –  Henry Oct 25 '10 at 22:47
Awesome, im not the CF programmer thats just what they are using, could you tell me or show me a link to this function? –  Oscar Godson Oct 25 '10 at 22:47

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You may generate an Image of PDF using <cfpdf> (for ColdFusion 8 or above)


<!--- Generate thumbnails from pages in a PDF document --->
    action = "thumbnail"
    source = "absolute or relative pathname to a PDF file|PDF document variable|
        cfdocument variable"
    destination = "directory path where the thumbnail images are written"
    format = "png|jpeg|tiff"
    imagePrefix = "string used as a prefix in the output filename"
    overwrite = "yes|no"
    password = "PDF source file password"
    pages = "page or pages to make into thumbnails"
    resolution= "low|high"
    scale = "percentage between 1 and 100"
    transparent = "yes|no">

FYI, <cfpdf> is currently powered by iText

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Awesome :) this will be perfect so i can talk to them about it. Right now our web site is over 50% PDFs and i don't know CF (im going to training to learn CF tho) but until then I wanted to push towards a non-PDF website –  Oscar Godson Oct 25 '10 at 23:11
or convert the PDFs into HTML+CSS yourself by hand. Don't even need ColdFusion. –  Henry Oct 25 '10 at 23:49

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