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I am looking to tune Zend Optimizer+ on our Zend Server installation. Is there any tool that can show statistics about Zend Optimizer's performance? e.g. number of hits and misses, utilization of shared memory etc.

Apart from Optimizer+ configuration directives, anything else we can do within our application code to help the bytecode caching engine do a better job?

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You may call function accelerator_get_status() and see the result - it would contain some information about the O+ internal state and what happens inside.

You may also look into increasing realpath_cache_size - default is too small for big application.

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accelerator_get_status() produces a very detailed report. Just what we wanted. thanks! – webgr Nov 8 '10 at 17:57

There is not much to tune with Zend Optimizer. Check out:

Apart from this, you can only tweak what is available through the Zend Server UI.

For Zend Optimizer Plus, there is a number of ini configs you can change as explained in

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