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I'm facing a weird runtime conflict between Woodstox STAX and java 1.6 STAX implementation. Since I'm using CXF,its pulling Woodstox jar as part of its dependency. Here's a sample code I'm using.


XMLInputFactory factory = (XMLInputFactory)XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
XMLEventReader reader =
factory.createXMLEventReader(new StringReader(xml)); 
while (reader.hasNext()){
XMLEvent event = reader.nextEvent();
switch (event.getEventType()){
StartElement se = event.asStartElement();
EndElement endElement = event.asEndElement();
if (event.asEndElement().getName().getLocalPart()==("document"))
// do something

During runtime, I'm getting the following exception.

java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.ctc.wstx.evt.CompactStartElement cannot be cast to

when it reaches line EndElement endElement = event.asEndElement();

I'm sort of puzzled why its causing at this point though it doesn't fail in StartElement se = event.asStartElement();

While debugging, I found that the event objects are part of com.ctc.wstx.evt package and not But not sure why its not failing before.

Any pointer will be highly appreciated.

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Well, you have two possible choices from a superficial view:

  1. Use a dependency exclusion to turn off Woodstox. CXF works with the built-in StaX -- give or take the various bugs in the built-in Stax.

  2. Use Woodstox yourself.

However, the specific error here is a bit unlikely. I mostly recommend posting this to the cxf users list, and telling us there exactly what version of CXF you are using.

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Thanks bmargulies .. I was also thinking of using the woodstox objects directy, but was not able to find documentation / example which will provide some info... – Shamik Oct 26 '10 at 1:19
Just use the factories in the Woodstox package. Their javadoc has them. – bmargulies Oct 26 '10 at 18:11

Looking at the exception, it says basically that one can not cast StartElement to EndElement; it does not seem like an incompatibility between stax implementations but rather a bug somewhere. Which Woodstox version is this?

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A break at the end of XMLEvent.START_ELEMENT case should not be missing here otherwise it will just going to continue to the END_ELEMENT case with the first START_ELEMENT event, hence the ClassCastException.

That part of the code have been omitted from the question so I thought I would put this here just in case this simple error might have been overlooked. It's how I got the same exception that led me here anyway when I realised I needed a break ;)

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