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Hey guys, I have a quick question.

Does anyone know of any software that can help with understanding client-server logs?

I have 3 huge logs of 1 server & 2 clients that are time stamped, but only if I could arrange all 3 of them in a UI side by side in a chronological order, it would be so easy for me to understand them.

Thanks for any tips on such a software. (Or maybe some ideas to help me with this.)3alt text

Edit: the mockup image has blue line partitions to separate out time in milliseconds. That is just for visualization.

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While I can see a legitimate programming context for this question, you haven't been specific about that, so I've voted to move to Server Fault where you are--in any case--likely to find more experts. – dmckee Oct 28 '10 at 1:04
Update: I have attached an mockup drawing image file. Just for better understanding. – bits Oct 28 '10 at 19:54
Update: I couldn't find anything even close to what I was looking for. I ended up making a small dirty program to output an intermix of logs into a tab-delimited log file (which I later opened in excel). – bits Nov 15 '10 at 20:15
In future, I plan to make a generic utility for everyone to use. Not closing this question as of now, I will update here later.... Thanks everyone. – bits Nov 15 '10 at 20:17

You didn't say what platform but Microsoft Log Parser is something that can be useful. Here are some samples.

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And here is a blog posting about it from Jeff Atwood himself. – slugster Oct 26 '10 at 1:58

Google BigQuery is a helpful tool for analyzing massive datasets, including logs. It doesn't give you a UI, but it does provide a SQL-like language for making queries over the logs.

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So, the latest version of BigQuery now provides a Browser based UI, as well as a very feature rich command line tool! – Michael Manoochehri Feb 8 '12 at 7:17

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