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consider the statement :

Every class has a super class [ True/ False ]

I feel it should be false as Object is the base for all which do not have super class.

What should be the proper reply.

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Your answer is correct asb. Just to slightly fix the terminology,

  • Object is a superclass of all other classes
  • Object doesn't have a superclass
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False. There's always someone at the "top of the food chain"

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Or in this case, a class at the top of the parent chain – Entity Oct 26 '10 at 1:51

Are you talking of Java?

If that is the case, the proper reply is false.

Your reasoning is correct: Object is the base class for all classes so all classes except Object have a super class.

The important part of this question is to remember that even if a class doesn't extend another class, it is still implicitly extending Object.

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