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I am trying to redefine dynamic methods of a domain in groovy. Is there something similar alias method in ruby in groovy?

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Do you mean like the method reference operator .& ?

def out = System.out.&println
out << "Hello"


def greet(name) {
    println "Hello $name"

def sayHello = this.&greet

sayHello "Ronny"

It is mentioned at but an example is missing

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This seems to have issues when subclassing and using generics. I have Pair<T> and Foo<T> extends Pair<T>. I have T first defined as a property on Pair. On Foo, define public getBar = this.&getFirst. If I try to use as, Foo<Integer> f = new Foo<>(1,10), then f.getBar() returns Closure<Object>. Any thoughts? – Snekse Mar 19 '15 at 17:34

You can do that using metaprogramming:

MyClass.metaClass.aliasMethod = MyClass.metaClass.originalMethod
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I haven't seen this in Groovy and cannot find anything about it.

One way to achieve it would be the obvious but poor way.

def greet(name) {
    println "Hello $name"

def sayHello(name) {
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@rlovtang answered the question above – sbglasius Oct 26 '10 at 7:40

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