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exedarken: darken.c
    gcc -o exedarken darken.c

exeimagestats: imagestats.c
    gcc -o exeimagestats imagestats.c

exelighten: lighten.c
    gcc -o exelighten lighten.c

exerotate: rotate.c
    gcc -o exerotate rotate.c

exeflip: flip.c
    gcc -o exeflip flip.c

exematte: matte.c
    gcc -o exematte matte.c

Theres my makefile. Is there a way for when I execute this makefile, I get to see the compile errors I get?

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Don't you get the errors printed to console when you run make? –  vitaut Oct 26 '10 at 7:11

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By default, make prints the output of any command it executes, ie if there are compilation errors, they should be shown.

On an unrelated note: repeating yourself is bad; your makefile can be simplified to

executables := exedarken exeimagestats exelighten exerotate exeflip exematte

$(executables) : exe% : %.c
    gcc -o $@ $<
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Write in console:

make VERBOSE=1
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