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Some sites have tables which appends rows when you scroll the browser so that the bottom of the table is visible.

Guess it's something like this:

  1. jQuery detects that the end of the table is visible in the browser
  2. $.getJSON is used to fetch the next rows from the server
  3. the rows are appended.


  1. How do I detect that the last row is visible in the browser?
  2. Is there a better way than $('#tableId tbody tr').length to get the current number of rows?
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(1) Detect whether the last row is visible:

    var $window = $(this),
        $el = $('#tableId tbody tr:last'),

        viewPaneTop = $window.scrollTop(),
        viewPaneBottom = viewPaneTop + $window.height(),

        elementTop = $el.offset().top,
        elementBottom = elementTop + $el.height();

    if ((elementTop >= viewPaneTop) && (elementBottom <= viewPaneBottom)) {
        // add new rows here

(2) That's the correct way to determine the number of rows.

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