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I'm writing a unit test for a Wicket WebPage. I want to fire up a page, type into a field, click a link, and then make some assertions.

Looking at the API of WicketTester and BaseWicketTester, I couldn't find any method that takes a path (like "form:input") to locate an input field and lets you enter text in it.

// set up WicketTester; create page
tester. // Type into input field - how to do this?
// assert something

Did I miss something? This seems like a pretty basic use case. Are you not supposed to use WicketTester like this? (That would be surprising given the presence of methods like clickLink().)

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Use FormTester:

FormTester formTester = tester.newFormTester("form");
formTester.setValue("myformfield", "Hello Sailor");


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Ah, so that's how you're supposed to do it. Thanks! –  Jonik Oct 26 '10 at 10:10

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