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Hello i'm importing a video in flash cs5, using actionscript 3.0. I have copy the SkinOverPlay.fla and i'm changing it to fit my needs.

I am looking for just a play/pause button (no other controls) in the center of the screen that disapear when the mouse it out of the video.

I am looking also on how to play the video in loop.


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For the playback controls, you can do this without using a skin by specifying the object to use for controls. For example:

flvPlayback.playButton = playbtn; 

Here's a great article form adobe on customizing the FLVPlayback.

As for looping the video, you can do this by listening for the VideoEvent.COMPLETE event and then playing the video again. I'm pretty sure that this event isn't very consistent. So if you looking to loop a video animation and have it be seamless from end to begginning you might want to add a enter frame listener and check the playheadtime or use cue points.

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