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I need a control to enter small numbers on Windows Phone 7 and would like to have some kind of endless spinner control like the one for entering day and month and the date setting of the device.

Is there a standard control to spin through these kind of selections? Or at least some way how to build this kind of control?

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There are a few options here -

  1. Nick Randolphs' Windows Phone 7 Wheel Control (Clint Rutkas' updated version)
  2. Rudi Grobler's LoopingSelector

I hope either of these two controls will help you in your app development. I maintain a list of Windows Phone 7 developer resources here (including a number of WP7 controls)

Hope this helps, indyfromoz

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Thanks! Notes: Nick Randolphs looks ok, but feels very sluggish compared to the datepicker in the settings, and I'd prefer a control which can spin around to maxvalue when moved below minvalue. –  Sam Oct 26 '10 at 9:25
But the second example looks and feels great, I'll dig deeper into that one, thanks!! –  Sam Oct 26 '10 at 9:25

If you already using the Windows Phone Toolkit then you can use the same LoopingSelector control from the DatePicker. You need to implement a data source for it, but it's pretty simple.

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