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I'm making an app on android, using webview to load google map (using this url for my webview: but i can't put a marker on that webview, can't somebody tell me how?

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your URL there seems to be ideal if you wanna use webview in android since it's full screen map. based on the url this is just a sample. is there an official android web map URL we can use? i'm looking to do a map centric android app with a web view instead of map view so I can try to package the APK as a blackberry BAR. – tote Jan 10 '13 at 20:59
i see now where your url came from – tote Jan 11 '13 at 18:16,-122.084917

The above simply shows the directions screen with missing destination field. If you want the pin to show on a simple map screen do this instead:,-122.084917
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load URL like this pass address where you want to put the pin

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thanks you very much :) – mtr Oct 27 '10 at 1:15

Clearly lots of ways to skin a cat - but I am loving the Google Static Maps API.

It generates a standard image (of desired size) and you can add points/lines/polygons all from a URL.

Whilst I haven't checked the terms, it is clearly possible to cache/store the result.



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