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HI all,

I am trying to script some actions on a web based application by using simple SendKeys in a .VBS script.

The only problem i have come accross is the fact that i have to put Sleeps in the script to wait for pages loading.

I was wondering if there was a was i could monitor an IT window and wait for it to finish loading instead of using a Sleep command.

This would reduce un-needed pauses (if the system is running fast for once)


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IE has a 'Busy' property.

When the page is loading: Busy = true When the page is ready: Busy = false

If you use a Do While loop until Busy = false your script will wait until the page is loaded

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Thanks for the response. But i believe that that property is only accessible when my script called the IE window. The windows i want to check were not called by my script. – Stuart Oct 27 '10 at 12:40
Ok if your script is not opening the IE window, you can get the windows 'HWND' value you should be able to referance it using that, then check the 'ReadyState = 4' – Bear Box Oct 27 '10 at 22:23

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