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How to anchor QGraphicsView to a special point on a scene?

I want a center of a view is anchored to the scene point (0,0).

But as said in docummentation:

If the whole scene is visible in the view, (i.e., there are no visible scroll bars,) the view's alignment will decide where the scene will be rendered in the view.

And if I set agnment to Qt::AlignCenter view becomes anchored to the scene center.

Is it possibe to do?

I need something like QGraphicsView::centerOn that always put the point in to the view center.

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You can anchor a QGraphicsView at a specific position by defining ("forcing") its sceneRect property, other than the default one (i.e. QGraphicsScene bounding rectangle).

Here is a code example. The view is centered at point(0,0), no mather the bounding rect scene or centerOn function.

#include <QGraphicsView>
#include <QGraphicsScene>
#include <QGraphicsRectItem>
#include <QGraphicsEllipseItem>
#include <QDebug>


QGraphicsScene scene;
QGraphicsView view(&scene);

QRect viewRect(-100, -100, 200, 200);
qDebug() <<; //QPointF(0,0)

qDebug() << scene.sceneRect(); //QRectF(-5,-5 10x10)
scene.addRect(QRectF(0, 0, 200, 200));
qDebug() << scene.sceneRect(); //QRectF(-5,-5 205x205);

view.centerOn(QPointF(50, 50)); //nothing happens!

This should do the trick.

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You can set the alignment property to achieve this.

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With AlignmentCenter the whole scene will be centered in the view. But not some special point. –  graphite Oct 26 '10 at 10:59
When you speak about special point, you are speaking about points of QGraphicsItem in the scene? As far as I am concerned it's not possible for the view to manage the objects inside the scene. –  Patrice Bernassola Oct 26 '10 at 13:39
Try switching the scrollbars off using setVerticalScrollBarPolicy ( Qt::ScrollBarAlwaysOff ) and the same for horizontal as well. If you still have problems, try making sure the scene is always bigger than the view area. –  Simon Hibbs Oct 26 '10 at 15:58
"try making sure the scene is always bigger than the view area" I think that's impossible because you always can zoom out so that the scene will be smaller. –  graphite Oct 27 '10 at 7:53

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