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I'm wanting to mock a callback that I know my service will call. For example:

public interface ITestMe { void TestMethod(Action<int> callback); }

In the application, when calling 'TestMethod' I would pass the callback method to hit after it has run, which will do something based on the parameters. Typically, in this case it's used like this:

    (ret) => 
        if(ret < 0)

What I'd like to do in MOQ is call that anonymous method with a range of values i.e. something like:

myMock.Setup(m => m.TestMethod(It.IsAny<Action<int>>())).... //Call that action!!??

Is there anyway to do that?
Is this even the correct way to do it?

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try this:

myMock.Setup(m => m.TestMethod(It.IsAny<Action<int>>())).Callback<Action<int>>((action) => action(4));

although this seems a rather convoluted way to essentially test your callback method. Why not test it directly?

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This is true, but in this case the callback method is an anonymous method, so not directly testable (as far as I know)... – Chris Skardon Oct 26 '10 at 12:54

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