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I have multiple questions.

  1. Can I specify the pom.xml in mvn command?
  2. Can I mix the goals of another project while executing mvn command on current project ?

    Eg: mvn clean-otherproject comple-otherproject instal-otherproject compile-thisproject

I can do this with multiple mvn commands, but Can I do this in single maven command.

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Just mvn --help would have answered the first question:

 mvn -f otherPomFile.xml

No. You can simple execute the phases for the current project you are in. You can give multiple phases like

mvn clean install site site:deploy
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mvn --help may have been useful, but Google quickly led me to your answer for just the first bit (thanks) – 8bitjunkie Sep 12 '14 at 13:17
-f is most important in this – SkorpEN Dec 15 '14 at 11:30

For the first question, see khmarbaise's answer

If you want to build more than one maven project in one step, you must use modules.

In a multi-module project, if you call mvn install from the top project, all sub modules are built, unless you use the advanced reactor options (e.g. mvn install -pl util -am only builds the module 'util' and it's dependencies)

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