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I have a program which when it runs it fills Temp folder with lots of .tmp files. This is causing C drive to fill up. I have been asked to investigate if it's possible to write a script in dos to delete temporary files on startup. I also wish to delay the program starting until all files are deleted. This would need to happen every time on start-up. It would be great if this could be installed via a flash drive. I would be grateful on any pointers on how this could be done

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The little batch I am using to delete my temporary files:

@echo off
rd %temp% /s /q
md %temp%
echo Temporary Files have been deleted!

%temp% is a path which always results in your current temporary folder. However note that there are more temporary file locations like C:\Windows\temp.
If you just want to delete TMP files, go with del C:\<MyPath>\*.tmp.

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There are probably more sophisticated ways, but the good old fashioned del c:\Temp\*.* should be a good start.

There's a list of all the options, here: http://www.computerhope.com/delhlp.htm You will probably want /F (delete read only), /S (sub-directories) and /Q (quiet)

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I assume, the following row in c:\autoexec.bat file may help:

del c:\path\to\temp\files\*.tmp
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Cheers for replies. This is what I'm using

cd \
cd "c:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\"
del *.tmp /f/s/q
echo All tmp files deleted.

This seems to do what I want it to do. Now I need it to do this everytime PC starts up. Is there a way to install this via flash drive? ie write a batch file with all commands, put on flash drive. double click .bat file, now installed and will run on startup? (Have a number of PCs which need same thing)

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Add it to the autoexec.bat as @Kel suggests (if your PC has one) BTW the first 4 lines can be simplified into del "c:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\*.tmp /f/s/q" (no need for the drive and directory changing) –  Rudu Oct 27 '10 at 14:40

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