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I have a stateless EJB SessionBean with bith @local and @remote annotations. The code is working fine in weblogic server. However on deploying it to Websphere it gives following exception.

bm.ejs.container.EJBConfigurationException: BUSINESS_INTERFACE_DESIGNATED_AS_BOTH_REMOTE_AND_LOCAL: 'oracle.odc.session.ODCSession'

The oracle.odc.session.ODCSession business interface class cannot be both remote and local.

Is there any workaround available to make it work without writing seperate EJBs for remote and local invocation?

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One workaround is to have a base interface with the method declarations & then have a local interface & a remote inteface, which extend the base interface, e.g.

public interface MyEJBBase {
    public void foo();
    public void bar();

public interface MyEJBLocal extends MyEJBBase {}

public interface MyEJBRemote extends MyEJBBase {}
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AFAIK there is no way, the error seems pretty descriptive.

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From section 4.9.7 of the EJB 3.2 specification:

The same business interface cannot be both a local and a remote business interface of the bean.

You can use subinterfaces as a workaround:

public interface MyInterface { /* all the methods */ }
public interface MyRemoteInterface extends MyInterface { /* empty */ }

public class MyBean { /* ... */ }

Note that the parameters and return values of the methods on the remote interface will be pass-by-value but the parameters and return values of the methods on the local interface will be pass-by-reference.

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