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I am mocking my web service using soapUI. Now, I also want to test fault. For this, the mock service (=soapUI) should return a HTTP 500. Does anyone know, how soapUI can do this?


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an easy way is by putting a syntax error in some critical application logic – Orbit Oct 26 '10 at 13:27

This can be achieved with the following Groovy code:

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  • Create a mock service.
  • Create a new mock response.
  • Open the mock response editor (by double clicking it) and click on the exclamation mark symbol which creates a SOAP Fault response.

If you look at the RAW code of the answer, you see a 500 error code. (HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error)

Btw if you have created two reponses, a successful and a fault response, then when using the mock service service, SOAPUI will alternative between the two responses.

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Right Click on the MockResponse > Show MockResponse Editor Enter. Look at MockResponse Properties on the left hand side, bottom Scroll down to search for "Response HTTP-Status" edit the value to 500.

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